Exterior Painting
We prepare the exterior surface of your home for the optimal results that you want for your house.
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Residential Painting
We can remove or apply any type of painting or finish you need in or on your space.
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Quality Paint
We use only top of the line paint to ensure the finish and longevity that you want to have in your home.
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Elevating your space with quality paint work.

Motivated by the desire to do quality paint work and unimpressed by other local paint contractors “way of doing things” Laura and Terry set out to show others what benefit their years of experience could bring to area home owners.

Laura came from a family of painters in upstate New York where she was taught the trade by her uncle Vernon Taylor, which allowed her to be personally trained by a man that not only  knew the ins and outs of the painting trade but…

"They are honest and fully trustworthy. I can count on them to give me a good product, nothing diluted or inferior."

-Donna McNichols