The LT Story: The benefit that years of experience brings to area home owners.

Motivated by the desire to do quality paint work and unimpressed by other local paint contractors’ “way of doing things” Laura and Terry set out to show others what benefit their years of experience could bring to area home owners.

Laura came from a family of painters in upstate New York where she was taught the trade by her uncle Vernon Taylor, which allowed her to be personally trained by a man that not only knew the ins and outs of the painting trade, but of the painting business. After years of plying her trade, she moved to Pinellas County, Fl. Laura then decided to make the Tampa her home.

Terry learned the trade from 3 old time painters in Cincinnati, Ohio, trained from the bottom up, the proper prep and painting of historic homes in Cincinnati. In the winter months he came to the Clearwater, Fl area to work. Terry then decided to make the Tampa Bay area his home.

By the time of their meeting in the spring of 1994, they were inspired to bring together the experience of painting houses from upstate New York to Cincinnati, Ohio to form LT Painting Service, Inc. Both being lifelong painters and possessing a combination of 44 years of painting experience they felt uniquely ready to show home owners how their experience could help them protect their most valued possession, their home. Even today, as LT Painting Service celebrates 25 years of business, they carry on the proud traditions taught by the “old timers’, these traditions have helped make this work the rewarding career path they choose so long ago.

And the rest was history.

Why not join the LT tradition today and enjoy the confidence of knowing your home is well maintained by a company that enjoys doing the painting as much as you will enjoy the results.

LT Painting Service is a proud member of the PDCA. Since 1884, when the first name was “Master House Painters Association of the United States and Canada” through today’s “Painting and Decorating Contractors of America” they have set high standards for the industry. LT Painting Service follows in the footsteps of the best painting contractors in history by adopting the high standards of one of the oldest trade associations in history.

We are fully insured through Berkshire Hathaway insurance.

We take pride in the application of the following superior brands of paint: